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Embrace Your Greatness: 50 Ways to Build Unshakeable Self-Esteem

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The CBT Card Deck: 55 Tips and Tools for Managing Anxiety and Stress

Welcome to my bookstore! My books are geared towards helping therapists and trainers impart life skills with their clients. The practical, “hands on” guides are chock full of demonstrations, activities, visualizations, handouts and worksheets that educate and offer clients practice to learn important life skills. All the resources provide structure and fit well with individual as well as group situations.

Personal Development 101: A Self Help Manual for a Positive Life! (eBook)


Personal Development 101: A Self Help Manual for a Positive Life! (eBook) EBK101000

Consider this workbook as your blueprint for mental wellness. All too often people know what they need to do to feel better, but they do not know how to get themselves into gear. This workbook gives practical exercises and visual techniques to take action right away! Through use of experiential activities, exercises, self-help worksheets, and educational handouts, you can experience change—not just think or talk about it. Unfortunately, life skills training is rarely a part of formal education, but it is these basic life skills that are vital to success in any realm of life. This workbook is in no means a substitute for therapy, but it can serve as a therapeutic companion to boost your "mental fitness" in enhancing your life wellness skills.

This is a 50 page eBook. Your eBook will be availble for download within your orders page. You will also recieve an email with a link to download.

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