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A therapeutic tip on using coping cards from my latest book, 150 Group Therapy Activities and TIPS!

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These books are perfect to be used as texts for graduate counseling programs and are also a great resource for the experienced practitioner! Pletny of counseling worksheets and client handouts!

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life - Usually $19.99 - Special price 15.99!

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Don't get stuck in life's holes!

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life is a book about resiliency. Using Swiss Cheese as a metaphor for life itself, you will explore ways to get through the holes rather than get stuck in them. Swiss is not like any other cheese - and neither are you!

This self-help health and wellness book is sure to delight and enlighten - with a thick-sliced sense of humor. While it is whimsical in style, it deals with many serious and universal topics that affect our everyday lives. We distill important concepts from many sources, slicing them up into easily digestible chunks of information.

After all, Swiss is not like any other cheese and neither are you like anyone else! This wellness book is about thriving in the face of life's adversities, overcoming challenges, developing stress resilience, and making effective and long lasting changes for a happier life. Important training concepts are easily related through a light-hearted holistic approach that will touch your mind, body and spirit. Our expertise as psychotherapists and wellness speakers has reached thousands of people throughout the country - and now we want to reach out to you! Couldn't everyone benefit from Swiss Cheese Life resiliency training to help them move through life's holes instead of getting stuck in them?

Take the Swiss Cheese Theory of Life Challenge!

  • Are you trying to make changes in your life, yet you find yourself digging deeper into a hole?
  • Do you know better but can t seem to get out from under your unhealthy patterns or habits?
  • Do you often have why does this happen to me thinking?
  • Are you looking for happiness in all the wrong places?
  • Are you ready to make healthy changes in your life ... physically, emotionally, spiritually?

If you answered yes to any of these questions help is here!

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For other book recommendations for clinicians as well as clients, see my recommended Bibliography page.My books,handouts and counseling worksheets are from my Tips and Tools for the Therapeutic Toolbox series by mental heath publisher, PESI. Here is a video I made for PESI to introduce my books and offer some practical tips and tools you can use with your clients.

MY Webcast DVDS from Continuing Education Provider, PESI – 2 Credit hours each

Sample Counseling Handouts from My New Release – 150 Group Therapy Activities and Tips

Therapeutic Activities and Strategies

Therapeutic Activities and Strategies Geared Towards Children

Cognitive Behavior Strategies

ACT Acceptance and Visualization Strategies

Improving Interpersonal Relationships

More Counseling Handouts and Worksheets

Visit me on Facebook at my new Tips and Tools Facebook Page where we can share resources with one another!

Assertive Communication

Cognitive Behavior Strategies

Stress Management

Self Help Quizzes

Just print and fill out!

Psychoeducational Group Therapy Activities

Training & Coaching

Onsite Training can be arranged that provides CE credits. I offer creative and interactive training for your staff on various mental health topics with many counseling worksheets including:

  • Effective Tips and Tools For The Therapeutic Toolbox
  • Personality Disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Using Social Media for promoting your message, products or practice

I offer many various types of Cognitive Behavior Therapy worksheets and handouts, as well as involve groups in many psychotherapeutic group activities.

Individual coaching can also be provided for mental health professionals on topics including:

  • Starting and Growing a Mental Health Practice
  • Using Social Media to promote you and your products and practice
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Using Psycho-Social Education in Therapy

I use many counseling handouts and worksheets to help people practice skills between sessions. Many of them are Cognitive Behavior Therapy Handouts and worksheets to help clients build skills between sessions.

Individual consultation is done in my office, phone or Skype.