Judy Belmont in the Media


8/23/11Bullyproofing Your Kids – Medstar TV

4/8/2011CBS 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth – Women Visions EXPO

3/7/2011Daytime TV-Celebrity Addiction/Personality Disorders

3/1/2011Fox Boston 25 – Celebrity Addictions and Personality Disorders

Radio Interviews

9/21/2012Rewiring Your Brain – The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! 

5/18/2012Praiseworks Health And Wellness Radio – The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

5/2/2012Nancy Brooks “Love Your Path” Radio Interview – Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! 

4/30/2012Army Wife Radio Interview on the Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! 

4/13/2012EHealth Radio with Eric Michaels Interview on The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

1/31/12Interview on Energy Awareness in Spirituality Radio 


12/26/11KLAV Nevada Conversation w/Cogee on Forgiveness

11/28/11Relationship HomeWork Radio Coping w/Holidays 

11/7/11WZZO and WAEB Talk Radio Interview

11/11/11WDIY NPR The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

11/28/11Living With Hope – Interview 

10/27/11Dialogue interview w/Judy Belmont 

9/5/2011Full Potential Radio Show 

9/4/2011Authors Show Don McCauley

8/5/2011Personal Best Radio Show with Kristin Tews –

5/25/2011Sirius Satellite Radio with Kim Alexander – Book Expo America 2011

4/19/2011Connecting Women Radio – Spring Clean Your Mind!

4/7/2011Together Again with Walker and Eastwood – Habituation

3/9/2011Lifestyle Talk Radio- Handel Group Show – Relationships

2/28/2011The Mel Robbins Show The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life

2/23/2011Heartbeat Radio For Women Real Love Vs Infatuation

2/18/2011 Interview With Mark Cope on Love

2/14/2011Best Ever You Radio Special Interview for Valentine’s Day about Love 

2/11/2011 Chat With Women – Seattle Real Love Vs. Infatuation

2/10/2011Interview on The Kim Iverson Show Real Love vs. Infatuation

8/2010Interview with Teena Cahill’s Nurturing The Nurturers


1/2012 American Society of Journalists and Authors – Cover Feature – Writing Stress

12/2011 Is Your Agency Harassment Proof? Green Mountain Agent pp.21-22

11/2011 Is Your Agency Harassment Proof? PIA Insurance Magazine

10/2011Going Bonkers Magazine The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life – Issue #24

9/21/2011ENV Magazine Overcoming Stress? Think Swiss Cheese!

8/12/2011Are You Mentally “Fit?”, Pittsburgh Better Times

4/4/2011Together Again – Walker/Eastwood on Habituation

4/4/2011Featured Cover Story -Spring Clean your Mind, Senior Times

3/24/2011Collegiate Strategy – Confidence is Key To Opening Doors

3/24/2011 Right Celebrity Swiss Cheese Theory of Life and Celebrity Addictions

3/24/2011Dolce, Dolce, Reasons To Plug/ Unplug

3/19/2011Celebrity Addictions: Is Charlie Sheen beyond help? Viva Now

3/12/2011Celebrity VIP Lounge Expert Interview on Celebrity Addiction and Mental illness

2/11/2011 Premature Exclamation- Never Say ‘I Love You’ Too Early, Wedlock

1/18/2011Loving You Never Say “I Love You” Too Early: The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life

1/2011Single Minded Woman  Do You Go Gaga for Love? 7 Telltale Signs, 

12/10/2010Corporate Wellness Magazine Is Your Workplace Stressed Out?

12/2010Getting through The Dark Days of Winter, WE Magazine

10/18/2010Dealing with a “Stressed Out” Workforce, Daily HR Solutions

10/14/2010PA Women’s Governor’s Conference, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!: 

9/24/2010The HR Specialist – How Employers Can Respond to Stressed Workers

8/2010Diversity Business – Tips for Employees To Safeguard Against Workplace Bullying

7/24/2010 Business Management Daily – Workplace Bullying By Managers

6/24/2010Pepper Hamilton Law How Employers Can Respond to Stressed Workers

6/29/2009 “Are You Mentally Resilient?” Not Just for Social Workers, Social Work PRN 

Quoted as a Media Expert

1/2012Hakol Interview – Lehigh Valley Jewish Federation Monthly Newpaper

1/5/2012Huffington Post – 7 Tips For Keeping Your Financial New Years Resolutions

1/2012Law Office Administrator News – Communication skills in the office

12.2011Treasure Valley Teen – Splitting Time, Not Headaches, During the Holidays

12/2011New York Parenting – Helping Teens Get Into The Holiday Spirit

11/22/2011Deseret News, Salt Lake City – Healthy Ways To Enjoy Thanksgiving

10/2011 Interview on-The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life, The Morning Call, PA

10/5/2011Insurance Quotes – Are You thinking Yourself Into Getting A Ticket?

10/5/2011 The Budget Newpaper – Sugarcreek, Ohio Swiss Cheese Theory

4/19/2011MSNBC – Why You Procrastinate: And How to Stop

3/24/2011Collegiate Strategy Magazine – Expert Interview on Confidence

2/14/2011Creative Loafing Valentine’s advice from self-help gurus

2/16/2011MSN Money – 7 Ways Warehouse Clubs Get You Hooked on Buying in Bulk

2/11/2011The Courier (Ohio) – Valentine’s Day: It’s Personal

2/10/2011Online Psychology Degrees – Interviewed about the mental health field

2/3/2011Deal News – Psychology of Shopping: When “Free” Isn’t Really Free

1/17/2011Deal News – Are You Being Tricked Into Wanting an All-Inclusive-Resort Vacation?

1/17/2011Creditcards.com – How to Change Financial Bad Habits in 8 Steps

12/28 /2010New York Daily News – Do Bizarre Baby Names Affect Kids Later?

12/28 /2010Fox Business – How to Change Financial Bad Habits in 8 Steps

12/21/2010Bank On Yourself Nation – Financial New Year’s Resolutions

8/2009PCMA Interview – Are You Mentally Resilient?

12/5 /2008Suite 101 – Interview with Judy: Celebrity Look – Alikes Face Challenges