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Embrace Your Greatness: 50 Ways to Build Unshakeable Self-Esteem

Publisher: New Harbinger Publishing

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Are you ready to learn how to get the life you want and deserve? If so, here’s what to expect from this book:

  • It is about getting rid of the obstacles that get in your way of really, really loving yourself and being your own best friend.
  • It is about squashing the preoccupation about how you goofed, should have known better, or somehow should be different than you already are.
  • It is about taking inventory of your beauty and greatness more than you take inventory of your flaws, mistakes and regrets.
  • It is about viewing your shortcomings with compassion and your future with hope and optimism.
  • It is about learning from the past and living mindfully in the present, with an eye optimistically on the future.
  • It is about taking care of yourself in mind, body and spirit.
  • It is about finding your own voice and standing up for yourself.
  • It is about learning tools to change and develop new patterns of thinking and behaving.
  • It is about using stress to challenge and motivate rather than debilitate.
  • It is about being strong enough to risk appearing weak to ask for help and enlist support.
  • It is about rewriting your life story to one of courage, faith and resiliency.
  • It is about refusing to focus not on what you lost but more importantly, what you have left.

Don’t you deserve to be happy and love yourself once and for all – as you are right NOW? Learn some practical strategies that will give you some help in embracing your greatness!

This is the description written by New Harbinger for Amazon on the upcoming release:

It’s time to start feeling good about yourself! In this go-to guide, a licensed professional counselor offers 50 quick tips and tools to help you overcome self-doubt, silence your inner critic, be assertive, boost your self-esteem, and embrace your greatness.

In our image-obsessed world, it’s easy to compare yourself to friends, celebrities, and models. Social media has skewed our perception of reality by only offering images of people at their best. But the truth is that most people struggle with self-criticism and self-doubt—at least some of the time. So, how can you stop paying attention to your inner critic and start focusing on what makes you truly great?

In Embrace Your Greatness, you’ll find powerful—yet incredibly simple—tools grounded in mindfulness, acceptance, self-compassion, and positive psychology to help you start feeling good about yourself. The book includes unique and engaging activities and exercises to help you put a stop to that nagging inner critic, overcome perfectionism, and develop lasting self-confidence. You’ll also discover ways to be more assertive, develop healthy relationships that support a healthy you, and cultivate an unshakable sense of optimism about yourself and your life.

If you need a quick confidence boost, this fun guide offers 50 ways to nix your nagging inner critic and start loving who you are.

The Anxiety and Stress Solution Deck: 55 TIPS and Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety

Publisher: PESI Publishing

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This card deck has 55 simple yet powerful CBT strategies to manage stress and anxiety. Each card will offer a short Tip, followed by a Tool, or short activity to put that Tip into practice. The deck is divided by four main areas of CBT focus, which I refer to as the 4 C’s of CBT – Clarify Your Feelings, Challenge Your Thoughts, Change Your Behaviors, and Calming Strategies. The focus of CBT has traditionally focused on identifying the underlying thoughts causing both problems in mood and behavior. In more recent years, the Third Wave CBT treatments have extended the focus of CBT to include mindfulness. The focus of Mindfulness offers calming strategies through nonjudgmental, present-centered awareness and acceptance of what we can not change. When we are mindful, we are able to be more objective and calm, suspending judgments of how things should be or labelling things as good or bad.

These cards will help you build skills in the 4 C’s of CBT. Each of the four areas are color coded to make it easier to work on the skills you want at that moment. These cards can be a tool for therapists in working with clients individually, they are ideal for groups focused on developing life skills, and are easy enough to understand and for anyone looking for hands on skills to manage their own stress and anxiety.

Whether you selectively pick one or more cards a day to focus on or pick them out of a jar randomly, these TIPS and Tools offer a go to place whenever you want to practice CBT skills to manage stress and anxiety. Keep revisiting the cards that you need extra work on, to help support you in mastering new skills. In short these cards will help you manage your stress and anxiety rather than have them manage you!