Unleash Your Sunflower Power!

bigstock-Big-Sunflower-1460574Who does not appreciate the beauty of a sunflower? I just love and take strength from what they represent. Sunflowers grow tall, confident and strong, needing lots of t
he warmth and positive energy from the sun. Even the huge head of the sunflower resembles the sun itself!  As the sunflower grows tall and strong, it becomes more and more striking!   Similarly, as we bask in the warmth and positive energy of our own positive ways of thinking and emotional lightness, we grow more confident and stronger at our core.  Just as sunflowers need to be planted in full sun, we as human beings do best and grow to our potential when we bask in positive ways of thinking and living.

Interestingly enough, the sunflower head is not one flower but made up of over a thousand smaller flowers making one huge flower head!  So let us all together be part of this symbolic sunflower head and work to create a life of emotional wellness and positive energy for our own personal benefit and for the benefit of the people we touch!

Please start working together by posting what you think is the most important tip for living an emotional healthy and positive life.  

Also feel free to suggest your favorite metaphor that represents self empowerment and emotional wellness!  I look forward to hearing from you!   


3 thoughts on “Unleash Your Sunflower Power!

  1. Dr Barbara Lavi

    I never realized that the sunflower was made up of multiple flowers & love the concept of creating a life of emotional wellness & positive energy for our own personal benefit and for the benefit of the people we touch! It fits well with my ideas & philosophy as well. It’s great to find people with similar positive outlooks on life & positive change!

  2. Judy Belmont

    THanks Barbara – I appreciate you stopping by my new site and appreciate emotional health and wellness! I enjoyed your site and think your book sounds great! I hope people check it out!

  3. Charles Boyer

    What is extremely important to my emotional wellness is knowing that all bad situations eventually will pass. They also serve as good teachers and endurance builders. Another important thing for me is small moments with family that helps put the rest of life in perspective. A smile and a giggle from a child, or a hug from a spouse sure can make problems seem insignificant.


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