7 Essential Ways That Inspirational Quotes Can Literally Change Your Day … and Your Life!

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Most of us have heard the old adage, “Stop and smell the roses.” In the hectic pace of our lives, we often forget to slow down, pause, take a breath and reflect for even a couple moments. This compounds with the fact that in our everyday lives, especially in urban environments, there’s not a rose to be found! Hence, in our increasingly digital age, how about pausing and reflecting on Inspirational Quotes to help ground us in our busy lives? We might not be able to find a rose outside our door, but inspirational quotes are everywhere on the internet. You can’t miss them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and this easy accessibility can attest to a new adage I propose,

“An Inspirational Quote a Day can keep your keep your negativity away.”

How can inspirational quotes actually change your day and even your life? Here are 7 reasons that have become crystallized to me from the many comments I have gotten from the 175,000 followers to my own Inspirational Quote Facebook page.

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1. It’s easier to keep a positive frame of mind if you make Inspirational Quotes a habit.
Everyday annoyances have a lessened negative emotional pull when you focus on the positive message of positive inspirational quotes. As the saying goes, “Perception is more important than reality” and inspirational quotes offer us help in forming healthy perceptions and attitudes.

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2. Inspirational quotes can serve as a comfort during difficult times of great personal challenges.
They keep hope alive when you are reminded that after the darkness there is always a dawn. Inspirational posts remind us that hope rises with the sun.

3. Daily inspirations remind you that you are not alone.
Who has not experienced a challenge, setback or disappointment? Regularly exposing yourself to universal issues that we all share as a virtue of being human serve as a comfort when you feel alone. The idea that “I am not the only one” is incredibly comforting in times of isolation and personal uncertainty. Furthermore, seeing messages of hope and comfort cutting across all cultures and nationalities all over the world becomes very powerful.

4. No matter how old you are, you are never too old to keep moving forward and build on yesterday.
Inspirational quotes remind you to see your mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities, and gives you comfort that there is nothing that we can’t learn from. Rather than living in the past and recycling old news, we gain support to move past our regrets and learn from them.

5. Inspirations help remind you what is really important.
In our hectic lives in which we are inundated with the lure of material wealth and “things,” inspirations can help keep us grounded in what is really important. We are reminded that our perceptions color our world, richness in our relationships make you much richer than all loads of money, and no one can ever have power over you unless you give it to them.

6. If you need help with being better instead of bitter, daily inspirations can help guide you on the journey.
Daily reminders that forgiveness is necessary to live a positive life will help you move on from negativity – not because they always deserve it, but you do. Inspirational reminders can give you the perspective and strength that releases you from the chains of bitterness that all too often make people prisoners of their past. Forgiveness, acceptance and compassion melt away the chains of resentment, keeping you stuck in moments of time.

7. Daily Inspirations help you “get through it” when you can’t “get over it.”
No one gets through life without some scars. No matter if you have visible scars or ones of the invisible type, they are both scars nonetheless. Death of loved ones, personal losses, health issues afflicting yourself or those close to you, personal setbacks and shaken confidence rarely, if ever, escape anyone who lives a full and complete life. Keeping up the regular habit of reading inspirational quotes helps you get through things when you can’t get over them.

Now here is an action plan on how to use you favorite daily inspiration:
1. Print the quote or inspirational post up and put on prominent places like your desk,mirror or refrigerator.

2. Use a quote or inspirational post as your computer desktop on your computer and change daily.

3. Share your quotes with friends and family through email and social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Create a sharing community of positivity!

4. In the workplace, frame your daily quote by your desk or office door in an easily changeable plexiglass frame for everyone to be inspired!

5. Start your office meetings, book groups, family dinners with an inspirational quote to start our the gathering with a shared positive mindset.

7. Have a daily inspiration for your back pocket! Carry around in your wallet or back pocket an inspirational quote for the day.

8. At the end of the day, review how your daily inspiration helped you. Ask yourself if you kept this positive message in mind, and decide which quote to use for the next day to keep on truckin in a positive direction!

How has daily inspirations quotes helped you to stay more positive and keep negatively away? Please share in the comments below. We would love to hear!

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