How is your Emotional Wellness?

Take this short quiz and find out how emotional intelligent you really are!

Below are 8 items that you may agree with or disagree with. On a scale of 1 to 7, rate your level of agreement with each item, being honest and open with yourself.
7 Strongly Agree
6 Agree
5 Slightly Agree
4 Neither Agree or Disagree 3 Slightly disagree
2 Disagree
1 Strongly disagree

_____ I feel satisfied with who I am and where I am in my life
_____ I refuse to allow regrets and disappointments cloud “today”
_____ I feel a strong sense of connection with others and do not feel isolated
_____ I tend to think rationally and optimistically
_____ I do not hold onto grudges and can forgive others for not living up to my expectations
______ I feel a great sense of control over my emotions, thoughts and feelings
______ I have a healthy sense of humor and can laugh at life’s imperfections
______ I feel more gratitude on how my life is now rather than focus on what’s lacking

Total your score here: ____________ Emotional Wellness Range:

51-56      Emotional Wellness is extraordinary!
46- 50     High level of Emotional Wellness
40-46      Moderate level of Emotional Wellness
32-39      Emotional Wellness needs some boosting!
24-31       Emotional Wellness needs work!
16-23       Emotional Wellness needs significant improvement – seek some help to boost your attitude!
Below 15 Danger Zone! Don’t wait to get professional help for your Emotional Wellness!

3 thoughts on “How is your Emotional Wellness?

  1. kathy steveson

    I got a 56, happy, happy, happy. I find 10 reasons to be thankful and greatful for everyday. Sending blessings of pure love, light and source energy to the whole world.

  2. Ellia Mae Simmons

    I scored an 42…this was very helpful to me.Thanks


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