How is your Emotional Wellness?

Take this short quiz and find out how emotional intelligent you really are!

Below are 8 items that you may agree with or disagree with. On a scale of 1 to 7, rate your level of agreement with each item, being honest and open with yourself.
7 Strongly Agree
6 Agree
5 Slightly Agree
4 Neither Agree or Disagree 3 Slightly disagree
2 Disagree
1 Strongly disagree

_____ I feel satisfied with who I am and where I am in my life
_____ I refuse to allow regrets and disappointments cloud “today”
_____ I feel a strong sense of connection with others and do not feel isolated
_____ I tend to think rationally and optimistically
_____ I do not hold onto grudges and can forgive others for not living up to my expectations
______ I feel a great sense of control over my emotions, thoughts and feelings
______ I have a healthy sense of humor and can laugh at life’s imperfections
______ I feel more gratitude on how my life is now rather than focus on what’s lacking

Total your score here: ____________ Emotional Wellness Range:

51-56      Emotional Wellness is extraordinary!
46- 50     High level of Emotional Wellness
40-46      Moderate level of Emotional Wellness
32-39      Emotional Wellness needs some boosting!
24-31       Emotional Wellness needs work!
16-23       Emotional Wellness needs significant improvement – seek some help to boost your attitude!
Below 15 Danger Zone! Don’t wait to get professional help for your Emotional Wellness!

One thought on “How is your Emotional Wellness?

  1. kathy steveson

    I got a 56, happy, happy, happy. I find 10 reasons to be thankful and greatful for everyday. Sending blessings of pure love, light and source energy to the whole world.


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