It’s Tax Time – Are You going Into Emotional Bankruptcy?

As we size up our financial health during tax season, how about asking yourself if you are staying out of emotional bankruptcy?  In face of challenging economic conditions, we might lose our perspective of focusing on what is most important – our ability to withstand difficult times and keep a sense of optimism and self-empowement even when our life feels out of control.  Are you making obligations to others that you do not have within you – are you exhausting yourself trying to please others and have not enough energy left over to take care of yourself?   Are you spending too much time chasing the brass ring of success only to realize that the people most important to you are neglected?


Think of making regular deposits of healthy thoughts, positive self-talk, and healthy atititudes in your emotional bank account.  Make regular deposits of attentiveness and demonstrations of love into your relationships that nourish you and make your life filled with meaning.  Make regular withdrawls of  uncessary worry, self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs that tell you you are not good the way you are or that you can only be happy if  “this or that” happnes.  Look over your life balance sheet and make withdrawls from relationships that are not healthy for you.

Have faith in your ability to move on from setbacks and improve your life, even if life at times does not collaborate the way you wish!  See negative emotions as debits from your account, and make regular deposits of positive thoughts and faith in yourself so you can make your emotional bank account abundant with riches!

Suggested activity:

Make a ledger on a piece of paper.  What are your assets and your liabilities?  Write on one side the deposits you want to make for your emotional bank account – such as writing some positive things about yourself that you are proud of, and on the other side of the ledger, put those things you want to withdraw, such as self-recriminations, jealousy or feelings of inferiority or need to please.  Look at your ledger regularly, adding and subtracting as you go, just as you would check your own bank account.


2 thoughts on “It’s Tax Time – Are You going Into Emotional Bankruptcy?

  1. Harleena Singh

    Well written Judy!

    It’s nice to be over at this blog of yours, and yes we need to have faith in our ability and to believe that we can move on from our setbacks and improve our life. I guess thinking positive always helps. 🙂

  2. Damien Meldrum

    Great post. We often place other people and “jobs” as top priorities. Our happiness should always come first, then we can be strong enough to help everyone!


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