Quiz: How is Your “Mental Wellness”?

bigstock-Pretty-young-ethnic-woman-outs-15698630Most of us know guidelines for physical fitness, which includes a lifestyle of regular aerobic exercise, along with stretching and strength training. The same goes for the general knowledge of the basics of healthy vs. unhealthy food choices. For example, foods that are rich in protein, grains, and fiber, while being low in sugar and saturated fats, are certainly more nutritionally sound than a meal consisting of a Big Whopper with soda and fries, topped off with a hostess cupcake. Despite this knowledge, saying “no” to these high fat and sugary foods can be so very hard to do!

Even though the essentials of sound nutrition and exercise being a “no-brainer,” all too often people lack an idea of what are the key elements in “Mental Wellness.” To support this point, at a recent “Lunch and Learn” presentation to about 40 company employees, I asked them to tell me what are some guidelines to staying physically fit. Not surprisingly, there was no shortage of very appropriate answers. However, when I asked them to offer guidelines for “Mental Fitness” all I got were blank stares and puzzled expressions!

To start, here is a quick quiz to get an approximate gauge of your Mental Wellness I.Q.

Below are 8 items that you may agree with or disagree with. On a scale of 1 to 7, rate your level of agreement with each item, being honest and open with yourself. On the comments below I would love to hear how you did!

7 Strongly Agree
6 Agree
5 Slightly Agree
4 Neither Agree or Disagree
3 Slightly disagree
2 Disagree
1 Strongly disagree
_____ I feel satisfied with who I am and where I am in my life
_____ I refuse to allow regrets and disappointments cloud “today”
_____ I feel a strong sense of connection with others and do not feel isolated
_____ I tend to think rationally and optimistically
_____ I do not hold onto grudges and can forgive others for not living up to my expectations
______ I feel a great sense of control over my emotions, thoughts and feelings
______ I have a healthy sense of humor and can laugh at life’s imperfections
______ I feel more gratitude on how my life is now rather than focus on what’s lacking

Total your score here: ____________

Mental Fitness Range:

51-56 Mental Wellness is extraordinary!
46- 50 High level of Mental Wellness
40-46 Moderate level of Mental Wellness
32-39 Mental Wellness needs some boosting!
24-31 Mental Welness is posing problems for optimal health – needs work!
16-23 Needs improvement! Actively work on improving your Mental Wellness
Below 15 Danger Zone!

19 thoughts on “Quiz: How is Your “Mental Wellness”?

  1. Taylor

    I love your combination of an article, with the added quiz on the bottom! It was an easy and informative read that really lets you not only understand the way you want us to think but lets us get a better understanding of ourselves…im glad I know where my mental wellness stands!

  2. jennifer

    This is very interesting, I do really enjoy reading this one… I will book mark it and share with my friends…

    1. JudyBelmont Post author

      Certainly if we age well and are defined more by our dreams than our disappointments! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Sandra

    Interesting article. I’m happy to report that I’m in extraordinary mental health – well, at least for today, lol. Can’t wait to share this with others.

    1. JudyBelmont Post author

      Thanks Sandra – These short quizzes can provide a good mental “check up” now and again!

  4. jennifer

    This kind of idea about mental wellness can surely help such individual in order to aware with the case. Thanks for sharing this with us…

  5. Karen

    I loved the little quiz at the end and I scored extraordinarily well, so that’s nice to know that I’m Mentally healthy 😉

  6. James Pruitt

    Thanks Judy, Needs some boosting, but it is getting better day by day. gotta keep working on things as I move forward. Gotta work on my regrets and emotional control more,

  7. Maurice Lindsay

    Love this article Judy, Great checklist!

    My score is a 48, major improvement from last year. If I would have read this article last year, my score would have been like a 7 lol. Renewing your mind takes time, but time well spent!


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