Smile and Say CHEESE! Staying Positive In An Imperfect World

We all know that life is not fair, but we often expect it to be

We can learn from the metaphor of the Cheese

      The larger the holes the sweeter the cheese

      The holes of the cheese are called eyes

        Cheese with no holes is called blind swiss

10 Metaphors for Staying Positive So You Can Smile & Say CHEESE!

1.  Crumbled paper – All papers that stand the test of time have some creases – Just like people!

    Some people walk around crumpled in a ball, some have minimal creases, while others keep on working on smoothing the crease out.  No matter how many creases you have, you do not need to be crumpled

2.  Don’t tell yourself stories – Separate “Fact” from “Fiction.” 

3.  Look at the “Whole” and not the “Hole.”  

4. Reframe your thoughts – write yourself a new mental script.

5.  Give yourself and others a mental gift. 

 6.  Watch the clock:  What time is it?   

7.  Keep in mind the beginning and the end – your days are numbered.

8. Look through your old photos – but don’t live there.

  1. Don’t pedal backwards. 

10.  Lighten up – Have a ball!

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