Emotional Wellness for Positive Living

Coming Soon! 127 More Amazing Tips and Tools For The Therapeutic Toolbox: DBT, CBT and Beyond!

At last, after 7 years my third book will soon be released in my mental health publisher’s most popular book series for therapists and their clients!  Pre-orders will be available soon with free shipping! This book has sections on Positive Psychology, DBT, CBT, Social Media for Mental Health, using metaphors, group activities, and much more.… Read More »

Separate Fact From Fiction

Originally a guest post on www.lifehack.org In my 35 years as a psychotherapist, I have been struck by the inability many people have to distinguish between fact and fiction.   People get depressed, they get negative, and they get anxious for generally one main reason – they treat interpretations like facts!  They never learned to… Read More »